Total Project Management

At Versateq, no print program task is too large or too small. Every document and every process which surrounds printed documents is vitally important to your business, so we look at every order as a project which requires some level of management to execute properly; so our clients have their supply on time and at the right place; so equipment runs smoothly; so the marketing program is effective; and to make sure that costs are addressed throughout the process.

Twenty years of Versateq experience and countless years of employee experience in this industry has allowed our company to thrive and sustain growth through successful execution of client solutions.

About Us

Quick Facts

  • We manage your project from start to finish
    • Consultation
    • Graphic design
    • Print management
    • Production
    • Inventory management
    • Distribution
    • Order fulfillment
    • Reporting
  • Utilize a large network of resources
  • Managing projects and programs for 20 years
  • Project planning from production through distribution
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