A leading provider of check recognition services and OCR recognition software for the check processing and forms processing markets. Orbograph’s innovative technologies are in use in over 1000 institutions and service bureaus, processing billions of checks and forms annually. Orbograph enables clients to reduce costs, and drive revenue growth.

TriNovus, a Birmingham, Ala.-based company, was founded with the goal of delivering technology solutions to the financial marketplace. TriNovus offers core processing and associated services through its eBank data center.  The TriNovus product suite also consists of solutions addressing compliance, stress testing, vendor management and distressed assets.

eBankSystems is a solutions provider specializing in delivering complete turnkey systems for community banks. eBankSystems helps banks utilize technology to drive down costs, retain existing customers and attract new customers. Trinisys, eBankSystems flagship core processing application, allows banks to manage their operations efficiently and intuitively. eBankSystems partners with many industry leaders to provide ATM/EFT processing, Internet banking, mobile and voice banking, platform automation and more, allowing banks to choose which products work best for them.

SynTel is a technology and document delivery solutions  company that currently helps over 1,400 companies optimize their mailrooms, saving on labor, equipment, supplies and postage costs. SynTel’s AutoMail® software reduces postage expense up to 25 percent through barcoding and manifesting virtually eliminating the need for postage meters. SynTel’s MailStream Manager software  enhances the design of customer communications and improves the workflow by mail and or electronically. For companies desiring to outsource the production and delivery of customer communications, SynTel offers SynTel Premier Solutions (SPS). 

Established in 1963, DCI is one of the most trusted, experienced and innovative developers of bank core processing technology today. With iCore360° and our full range of companion options, DCI covers all aspects of your banking operations for greater efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.

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